AR Rahman’s Jai Ho World Tour 2010

My friend Butch likes to say he’s “livin the dream”… Well that was definitely the case for me on this show.  It was kind of like getting drafted to the NY Yankees of design and direction.  When AR Rahman decided to tour the world in 2010, he set his sights very high.  He wanted to do something as yet unseen.  And he wanted to do it with the best people in the biz… Thus Amy Tinkham was brought in to Direct.  Peter Morse did Lighting Design.  The aforementioned Butch Allen took Production Design responsibilities.  Add a top flight crew under the supervision of the legendary Nick Jean, and it was magic.  Butch came to me with an idea to apply projection mapping to a dimensional architectural set.  I devised a method using 6 Christie HD20 projectors blended to cover Butch’s amazing Indian architectural set.  Assisted by Bosul Kim, and with programming by Sean Cagney, we created 36 songs worth of astonishing visuals.  AR’s musical vibe is consumate, amazing, spiritual, poppy, and altogether excellent.  Watching 20,000 people start floating around in blissfull mayhem every night was crazy… Check it out: (NOTE: these videos seem to be bitrate hogs… if they stutter or start/stop, just wait for them to load all the way, then hit play again)