Sinatra Live At the London Palladium & Tour 2006 – 2008

I designed the Video for the London Production of Sinatra Live at the London Palladium. It was a grueling and rapid 4 month pre-production process, that culminated in a fantastic show.  We rotoscoped Frank out of never before seen archival footage, and created new footage from the show.  A LOT of multiplane compositions. Ultimately the show played back off 12 Hippotizer media servers to 14 automated screens, some projection, some LED. We worked out methodologies for the Media Servers to track position info from the screen automation computers and automatically track image to them..  Many thanks to Colleen Bonniol (my Co-Designer on this), David Levaux (Director), Andrew Bridge (LD), Tom Pye (Scenic Design), as well as Larry ‘T-Baller’ Butcher (Video Effects Supervisor), Laura Kozuh (Lead Compositor), Sean Cagney (Hippo Programmer), Josh Weisberg (Video System Co-Design), and to XL VIdeo for an amazing system.