Blue Man Group National Tour 2010/2011

What an amazing opportunity:  Be invited to spend a year helping Blue Man Group and their insanely talented, wicked cool Resident Artistic Director/Designer Caryl Glaab, cook up the most bad-ass interactive, video based stuff EVER… And then put together a show with them using all that stuff.  These guys do it RIGHT.  months of workshopping, then 6 weeks of previz, then another 6 weeks of technical rehearsals.  The result… Pure AWESOME.  And this thing is the top selling theatrical attraction of 2010 currently on tour.  Do it right, and the people will come.  I helped develop the LED Video Suits, as well as establishing interactive programming methods for getting performer and musical inputs to trigger effects in the media servers.  Also got to make a nice bit of the content in the show.  Programming accomplished by Sean Cagney, with a tremendous rig provided by Nocturne…  One of the high points of my whole career.  Check it out: