One of my new secret weapons… The Hipstamatic App on my iPhone4

The iPhone 4 has a tremendous camera built in already.  Nice high resolution capability.  Coupled with the Hipstamatic app it goes to phenomenal places.  Hipstamatic gives you an interface, plus lens and film choices that emulate lots of the cool point and shoot ‘scrapper’ cams that anybody who grew up in the 70′s might remember.  The different film stock packages apply all manner of cool effects, much of it the kind of inadvertent ‘flaws’ that we now spend lots of time in Photoshop trying to reproduce on our ‘perfect’ DSLR pics ! One of my favorite things to do is to use the app in random mode, which mixes up the lens and film stock choices between every picture.  The combinations become endless when you own all the different lens and stock ‘packages’.  And at $1.99 per package, it’s not a pain in the pocket.

Check these out:

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