A fantastic new tour for Canadian superstar Johnny Reid

I love nothing more than to create shows with my best friends. In this case I was able to be Co-Production Designer with Butch Allen on a really interesting tour for Johnny Reid. Johnny is an amazing musical amalgam. He’s got a big dose of Springsteen in there, with a bit of Joe Cocker, a dash of country, and a whole bunch of Scottish charm. Johnny wanted to take his tour experience to the next level. Butch and I concepted an overall look and feel, and then split the load, with him working on the set specifics, and me taking the media creation…

Joining Butch and I was master Lighting Designer Peter Morse. We had the cream of the crop helping out on consoles, with Rob Koenig programming lighting, and Jason Rudolph handling the video. Together, the team worked to stitch together a show that lived and breathed, taking the audience on a visual journey that matched the audible one that Johnny’s huge and accomplished band provided.

Johnny was quite specific in wanting to give every audience member a show that brought them right up into the action. I specified a system that would allow Jason to program fun and compelling IMAG setups that would split the available visuals among 5 different screens.

Jhonny also asked for many of the tunes to use content visuals to help the audience experience the full story. I laid out a content progression that mixed shot elements with animation, and motion graphics. Extensive use of CInema 4D and After effects brought us the latter. The former was accomplished with the uncompromising quality of Director Matt Skerritt and a fantastic shooting unit.

Using Hippotizer media servers, Jason Rudolph wove an amazing visual tapestry from the content and pulled it all together with Peter Morse and lighting programmer Rob Koenig. Butch’s set and pyro elements added the icing on the cake…

Johnny’s tour is currently marching across Canada, selling out houses coast to coast. If you haven’t seen this guy, you should. The music is really, really great, and his connection with his audience is phenomenal.

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